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Zevs Afrotheria

Explore Zev joins the Afrotheria guild in a quest to find his lost sister. His goal wavers when he meets Dahlia and finds himself in the middle of a much bigger fight. A fight to save Afrotheria from Ghost wraiths.

Rams Legacy
Ram’s Legacy

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Livia and Henson end up in a university class project together. Their relationship grows and soon, Livia returns Henson’s feelings. They get into a consuming relationship that has Livia ignoring her family’s expectations of her. Henson soon gains an enemy in the university’s star rugby player, Ben Home, who has had his sights on Livia since kindergarten.

Ben does all he can to ruin their relationship. When threatening Henson and Livia doesn’t work, he decides to use Livia’s influential parents to break them apart. Ben tells Livia’s parents about Henson. They are furious and forbid the relationship. When Livia threatens to run away from home with Henson, her father threatens to pull Henson’s college scholarship. Livia, knowing Henson’s family’s financial situation, makes the decision to break up with Henson to protect his future.

She humiliates Henson by choosing Ben in a showdown at a Valentine’s Day dance prepared by the student council. Heartbroken, Henson decides to concentrate on his studies, even as his mother falls ill leaving him to take of his sister.

Ten years later, Livia’s family business is facing a serious Tax Audit. She is shocked to discover Henson working for the firm in charge of the external audit. This Henson has grown up and changed. He hates Livia and lets her know it. His hate hurts because she still loves him, even though she might never convince him of that truth.

Save My Heart Ebook

Leila Karani fell in love thinking it was forever. She got pregnant and went to see her boyfriend Nathan Njeru thinking he’d support her and their baby, but she was wrong. Nathan doesn’t love her anymore and instead urges her to abort their baby.

Eight years later, Leila is a single mother running a fabric and tailoring shop in Nairobi city, and the only thought in her mind is the happiness of her child. When a Fashion Design opportunity comes her way, she runs into Nathan again. Now she must decide what is best for her daughter, especially when she learns why Nathan was cruel to her.

Can Leila learn to forgive and allow her heart to love a man she’s hated for so long?

I Dream of You

Janet Kerira has been dating Timothy for a year and a half and he’s never told her that he loves her. On Valentine’s Day, she spends the day worrying because Timothy hasn’t called her for four days.

He left on an assignment four days ago and hasn’t called, messaged, or even emailed her once. Even with her concerns that their relationship is fading away, she can’t help but worry about Timothy’s safety and hopes that the magic of Valentine’s Day will bring him back to her.

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