How To Copyright Your Comic in Kenya

Are you a comic book creator? Are you wondering how to copyright your comic in Kenya?

The Kenyan Copyright Board has created an e-copyright registration platform. The link is here: Copyright Registration.

A Comic Book creator should have the following information to register for a comic book copyright in Kenya:

1. Your Personal Details for registration on the platform, that is, Your Name, National Identification Number, KRA Pin, email address, and phone number registered to you.

2. Copyright Work Details: These include the Title of the Comic Book, and an Abstract (or Description). The accepted file formats are PDFs/ JPEG/PNG/TIFF/PSD.

3. You will have to indicate if the comic book is commissioned or not. Include collaborating artists.

4. Upload any supporting documents of ownership you may have. These include but are not limited to contracts, split sheets, engagement letters, etc.

5. There is a registration charge of Kshs. 100 paid to the copyright board’s Pay Bill Number.  Follow the instructions to get through the payment process.

6. Once cleared, the system will send you a confirmation message and alert you when your certificate is available. It will also let you know if there are any issues with the registration process.

Important takeaways:
copyright certificate

1. Remember to include collaborating artists if there is more than one. Also, if the work is commissioned, do pay attention to the contract or terms of the commission before you register for copyright. You may also engage a lawyer to help you understand how commissioned work can be copyrighted.

2. The Copyright Board empowers you to protect your work. They help you emphasize that the work belongs to you. Otherwise, ownership of a comic begins from the moment you draw the first line on paper or screen and bring it to life.

3. Read the Kenya Copyright Board Regulations. You will find them here. Download them, read them, and ask questions if you need help understanding your legal standing. There is no reason why you cannot copyright your work!

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