Rams Legacy

Genre: Mystery Chapters: 15 Status: Ongoing

“Someone tried to kill me,” Zubari said, his voice coming out rough on the edges, a bitter taste filling his mouth at the thought.

Alone, Zubari stared up at the hospital ceiling, his thoughts filled with the reality of someone wanting to kill him.

“Boss,” Franco said, hurrying into the hospital room.

Zubari narrowed his gaze on his right-hand man.

“Find Ram,” Zubari said, biting back a chuckle when Franco shuddered.  “Tell him to stop what he is doing, I need him here in Nairobi.”

Ram lives for one goal. 

That is, to become the head of the Jelani Family.  His father has two wives, and Ram comes from the first wife. However, his father, Zubari Jelani is partial to the second wife.  A woman whose primary goal is to take over all Zubari owns and make her son, Hondo, the head of the family. Her goals have pushed Ram and his mother to the background, forcing them to forge a comfortable life in the lush hills of Nyeri. Ram focuses on securing his ancestral home, with his mother’s help.

All is going well until an attempt on his father’s life drags him to Nairobi. Ram joins the company his father owns and hopes to leave for Hondo.  He meets Nia Tore, a mysterious woman who is out to acquire his family’s most treasured asset.  The four-hundred-acre coffee farm his family lives on is now held as collateral for massive loans taken by Jelani Industries.

Nia Tore lives for one goal.

That is, to bring down Atlas, a criminal organization that ruined her mother’s career as a judge and left her father scarred.  Nia’s mother is forced to resign from her position as a judge when members of Atlas invade their home and terrorize their family, all because Shana Tore will not take a bribe. The incident leaves Shana unable to face the outside world, and Nia’s father is scarred by a man who cut him with a machete.

Nia and her father vow revenge against Atlas. Akaba Tore and Nia decide to dedicate their skills, money, and time to bring down Atlas.  They will not rest until the men who invaded their home are brought to justice.  After ten years of waiting, their plans seem stalled, until an attempt on Zubari Jelani’s life gives them an opening into Atlas’s leadership.

Nia must make a move to discover who the head of Atlas is, and it involves the ownership of a four-hundred-acre coffee farm that a ruthless Ram Jelani calls home. Can she acquire the farm? Will Ram Jelani expose her to Atlas?

Why is Ram so ruthless?

  • Prologue
  • Chapter One

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