Njaro mountain rumbled, the sound heavy, earth-shaking, it filled the hearts of men with fear.  Dark clouds of smoke filled the sky over the mountain, thicker than rain clouds, they raced down the mountain as though alive.

In minutes, wild animals ran from the forests surrounding the majestic mountain.  The men, women, and children in the closest villages had no courage to stay then.  For when a lion runs, what can a man do but run to survive too?

Zev’s Afrotheria is a Fiction Novel Set in Africa. It is Afropunk sci-fi with a mix of adventure and romance. The ghost wraiths are not for the faint of heart.

Zev’s AFrotheria – Fiction Novel Set in Africa,
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In an hour, hot red lava spewed from the depths of the mountain.  Damaging, angry, hotter than hell as man knows it, the lava spewed forth, forging a river of fire.  No living thing survived a single touch.  Not the tall, decades-old trees, birds, insects, and struggling animals that remained in the forest.  Certainly, not the humans who remained in stubborn determination in their homesteads hoping for divine salvation.

The lava came down, flowing in rivers of molten rock that destroyed anything it touched.  Silencing life in a hundred-mile radius.  Njaro Mountain’s majestic volcano brought with it a calamity after the lava hardened.  In a strange twist of nature, hidden in the depths of the earth, deadly creatures emerged from the cooling vents.

The people of Afrotheria called these creatures ghost wraiths.  The dark, large creatures resembled massive wolves with slick, oily black skin, and a mouth filled with teeth sharper than razors. They could crush a human’s body with one bite.  A new world began in the Empire of Afrotheria, one ruled by the menace of ghost wraiths.

Genre: African Science Fiction, Novels set in Dystopian Africa

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