Can I Publish a Book on Amazon if I’m Kenyan?

Can I publish a book on Amazon if I’m Kenyan?

Answer: Yes, you can publish a book on Amazon if you’re Kenyan.

What you need:

Can I publish a book on Amazon if I'm Kenyan?
  1. Register a publishing account on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.
  2. Amazon will ask you to set up your account so they can determine how you get paid. You need the following details: Business type (Individual/Corporation), Date of Birth, Country or Region, Legal Name, Address, City, Postal Code, and Phone number.
  3. On the Getting Paid Section – Kenyans can only use the Check Payments option. Amazon does not allow our region to connect Kenyan Bank Accounts. You will be paid in multiple currencies from different regions. The payment threshold is set at $100 dollars for each marketplace.
  4. Complete the Tax Interview. The likely result of the interview is that you will be applicable for a 30% withholding tax rate. This is because Kenya has not signed any treaties on this matter with the US. If you’re able to use any of the options provided during the tax interview, do so. Please note you will have to provide sufficient information for approval.
  5. Once your account is set up, go to the Bookshelf and upload your title. You can publish an e-book or a printed book. You can publish both. There is no limitation. Follow KDP’s guidelines when it comes to formatting.
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