Best Sites to Sell e-Books in Kenya

Kindle Direct Publishing

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This is a self-publishing platform owned by You can publish e-books and print copies. The platform has a very extensive how-to directory that covers information from the font to use, to the book cover size and how to upload it. The payment threshold remains at $100 and is paid in check form if you’re based in Kenya. Unless you have access to an account in the continents Amazon prefers to work with or in South Africa. It is free to get started with KDP. This platform works for you if you market a lot.

Amazon on Kenyan Payments
Kindle Direct Publishing Payment Options for Kenya
Amazon Payment Threshold table
Kindle Direct Publishing Check Payment Threshold for Kenya

Okada Books

Okada Books is a Nigerian-based platform. They publish eBooks in epub 3 formats. You can sell your eBooks with them. It is free to join, and there is no charge to publish. Find out how to sign up and get paid on the Okada Books website.

Litireso Africa

Litireso Africa is a Nigerian-based platform. They publish eBooks in epub format.  They also help you distribute any print copies you may have of the book. It is free to join and there is no charge to publish your work. Discover more about how to sign up with Litireso.


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Smashwords Logo has purchased These two platforms are in the process of merging into one. However, you can still publish on both separately. Smashwords has a shop function with a more diverse category option. They both send your eBooks to multiple platforms like Barnes&Noble, Kobo, Sony, Apple Books, etc. It is free to sign up with them. Watch out for news on how their merge progresses as you publish your eBooks. The payment process is relatively easy. If you’re in Kenya, you can use your PayPal account to receive your funds.

The bottom line is we charge no fees for formatting or updating your book.
When you distribute through Draft2Digital, and a reader buys a copy of your eBook, we’ll take 10% of the retail price of that book, for that sale.
That means we only make money when you make money. We have no upsells, no service packages, no fees of any kind.
Set your price to whatever you want—even free.

Rafu Books (This is for Printed Books Only)

You can sign up with Rafu Books to sell a Print Copy book once you have printed it out. Visit their website, message them or call for more information.